Partena Promeris

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps in an Open-Plan Office Building

SIG Air Handling has supplied the energy-efficient air conditioning system for the renovated 7-floor Partena Promeris office building in Brussels, Belgium – headquarters to a provider of public health insurance, child care and domestic assistance. We have managed to regulate the air temperature of no less than 5,000 m² office space with 2 industrial heat pump systems: a multi-pipe Thermocold chiller (Quattro Prozone 3570 EA SL) and 5 multi-unit Fujitsu Variable Refrigerant Flow systems.

1 Industrial Heat-Recovery Heat Pump for the Top Floors

To regulate the air temperature of the upper floors, we have installed a high-performance industrial Thermocold heat pump/chiller. Its heat-recovery feature enables the device to efficiently heat one area while cooling another through the redistribution of heat. It has a cooling and heating capacity of 550 kW and 620 kW, respectively.

2 VRF Heat Pumps with Fan Coils in Ground-Floor Ceilings

To simultaneously heat or cool the kitchen, dining and ground-floor office area, we have installed 2 industrial-sized AJY (Fujitsu) VRF heat pumps outside. They are low noise, energy efficient, powerful and have a corrosion-resistant finish for added weather resistance and durability. They are connected to 19 compact fan coils concealed into narrow false ceilings, redistributing the refrigerant contained in the outdoor units throughout the ground floor. The system is integrated with a modular heat-recovery SALDA AmberAir unit in the kitchen – a highly-efficient and easy-maintenance ventilation system with heat-recovery feature. The entire air ventilation flow can be controlled wirelessly with a single remote control.



Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Systems



Combined with climate ceilings, the industrial heat pumps ensure high indoor climate comfort throughout the office building, without the extra cost of having to add a cooling device. As all fan units are integrated in false or low ceilings, the building maintains its clean streamlined look indoors.