CAIROX Charity Sale

CAIROX Organises Charity Sale to Support EFA and Red Dragons

SIG Air Handling cares. We care about a healthy indoor climate as much as general health and wellbeing. To lend force to our vision, we support the like-minded organisation EFA and the Belgian volleyball teamRed Dragons with an exclusive CAIROX charity sale. Two collector’s items are up for sale: a handsigned Red Dragons T-shirt and an exclusive air-flow inspired artwork by JL. Moerman.

Air-Flow Inspired Paintings by JL. Moerman

Jean-Luc Moerman is an artist who sympathises with our vision to improve the indoor air quality. He understands how people’s living and working environment affects their general health and productivity and was inspired to create a unique artwork for CAIROX – a colourful & viral painting on a metal lackered surface resembling the flow of air.

By donating these unique art pieces, we want to raise money for EFA – the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations – a charity which helps people suffering with respiratory problems achieve the best possible quality of life. This is how we support and realize our key promise: ‘Improving air because we care’ !

Painting 1

•    Dimensions: 120 cm wide x 103,5 cm high
•    Weight: 6 kg
•    Surface: painting on canvas
•    Price: €25.000, donated directly to EFA

Painting 2

•    Dimensions: 100 cm wide x 120 cm high
•    Weight: approx. 10kg
•    Surface: lackered white metal
•    Technique: the paint is baked at a very high temperature
•    Signed ‘CAIROX Moerman’, on the back
•    Price: €25.000, donated directly to EFA

Painting 3

The birth of Venus (original poster from artist Sandro Botticelli):

JL Moerman tattood an original poster from the art piece ‘The birth of Venus’, a painting made by Sandro Botticelli in 1483 on canvas).
This poster, glued on dibond and framed, is covered by glass and measures 193x126cm and is signed by the artist JL Moerman (JLM).
He made this work on request for SIG Air Handling (CAIROX) to be auctioned to support our efforts to improve indoor air quality in buildings where people live and work.

Dimensions:                 193x126 cm
Weight:                        approximately 15kg
Asking price:                15.000 €

Red Dragons Cairox T-shirt

The Red Dragons are the national Belgian men’s volleyball team sponsored by CAIROX. They achieved a fourth place in the European Championship in Poland this year. Mid player Pieter Verhees happily donates his T-shirt in aid for his team.

•    Dimensions: 93 cm wide x 103 cm high
•    Player: Pieter Verhees
•    Framed in glass
•    Price: €2.500, donated directly to the partnership 2018-2019 with the Red Dragons

All items are sold exclusively on the SIG Air Handling website. The funds are donated directly to the organisations mentioned above. For more information on the charity sale, please consult the sales conditions